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Center of Special Technologies 'TransLiftTechnique' is the official representative in Russia and the CIS

Center of Special Technologies 'TransLiftTechnique' is the official representative in Russia and the CIS

Engineering Solutions

Center of Special Technologies ‘TransLiftTechnique’ is the official representative in Russia and the CIS of manufacturers’ factories: GOLDHOFER (Germany), GREINER (Germany), ENERPAC Heavy Lifting Technology BV (Netherlands), TTS SYNCROLIFT (Norway).

Engineering centers in Russia, Germany, Netherlands and Norway develop engineering solutions and produce the necessary equipment to meet the world’s quality standards. All manufactured equipment is tested and certified by TUVLloydsGOST R.

Customized solutions and years of experience from the world’s leading manufacturers guarantee safe, cost and time efficient transport and lifting operations.

We propose to consider cooperation in the development of engineering solutions for any transport, lifting and lifting-and-transport operations.

Center of Special Technologies ‘TransLiftTechnique’ represents the world’s leading manufacturers of transport and lifting-and-transport equipment that was used for implementing such unique projects as:

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The company ‘TransLiftTechnique’represents the world’s leading manufacturers of transport, transport and lifting equipment that was used in these UNIQUE PROJECTS.


Please see them below.

Engineering, manufacturing, positioning of the world’s biggest observation wheel in London, ‘London eye’


Engineering, equipment design, manufacturing, delivery and mounting equipment to lift nuclear submarine ‘Kursk’


Lifting and transporting sections for regasification terminal of liquefied natural gas (Adriatic LNG)

Engineering, manufacturing, equipment delivery, lifting and moving  the biggest in the history of USSR and Russia oil and gas reactor in the tight working space of the existing industry for OJSC ‘Izhorskiye zavody’

Engineering, manufacturing, lifting and transporting the 78 000 t shelter sections for Chernobyl NPP

About the company

CST ‘TransLiftTechnique’ is the official representative office in Russia and the CIS of manufacturers’

Center for Special Technologies ‘TransLiftTechnique’ is the official representative office in Russia and the CIS of manufacturers’ factories: GOLDHOFER (Germany), GREINER (Germany), ENERPAC Heavy Lifting Technology (Netherlands), TTS SYNCROLIFT(Norway).

We represent the world’s leading manufacturers of transport, lifting and lifting-and-transport equipment.

We offer lifting and transport equipment for lifting and moving loads from 30 to 140 000 tons.

As part of the comprehensive support for the construction of large industrial and civil facilities, the specialists of the company ‘TransLiftTechnique’ offer design and engineering services, advise on selection of suitable type of lifting and transport equipment.

The main goals of the company are providing our customers with modern technologies, high-quality equipment from the world’s largest manufacturers.

Center for Special Technologies 'TransLiftTechnique' supplies specialized lifting-and-transport equipment:

  • semi-trailers, trailers, non-self-propelled, self-propelled modular equipment, accessories by GOLDHOFER;
  • specialized prime movers by MANMERCEDES;
  • lifting-and-transporting hydraulic equipment ENERPAC (hydraulic gantries, strand jacks, skid systems, positioning systems, bridge launching systems, lifting and moving equipment for shipbuilding, etc.);
  • TTS SYNCROLIFT (self-propelled and non-self-propelled trolleys, transporters, diesel or electric power packs on rail or air, bilge support arms, docking systems, load metaling control systems for transferring docks, ship lifts (SYCHROLIFT), multi-vessel docking systems, slip systems, in-haul and positioning systems, self-propelled transport systems on air, accessories.


Center of Special Technologies ‘TransLiftTechnique’ provides a range of services:

technical support, consulting, supervision of complex lifting and transport operations, training, supply of spare parts and components, diagnostics, maintenance, warranty, after-sales service and repair.

Company’s mission

to assure efficient work of equipment supplied to our clients and partners

to decrease equipment’s out-of-service-time

to increase safety of lifting and transport operations

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