Hydraulic lifting and transport equipment

Equipment for lifting and moving superheavy and oversized payloads weighing from 50 to 100 000 tons.

ENERPAC Heavy Lifting Technology BV

ENERPAC Heavy Lifting Technology BV develop engineering solutions, design and manufacture hydraulic lifting and transport systems that meet the requirements of customers for lifting and moving superheavy and oversized objects. This company successfully combines the production of hydraulic equipment, steel structures and electronic control systems for the motion of actuators. Company’s experience and knowledge in the design and controlled movement positioning of superheavy and oversized objects weighing up to 100,000 tons is outstanding. Such as lifting of the Kursk nuclear submarine, mounting the world’s largest observation wheel, the London Eye, the installation of the Shelter for Chernobyl nuclear power station, etc.

Lifting-and-transport solutions by ENERPAC Heavy Lifting Technology BV are developed on the basis of series-produced products:

Hydraulic gantry lifting and transporting complexes with carrying capacity up to 4000 tons.

  • Lifting-and-transport systems are based on hydraulic jacks.
  • Hydraulic skidding systems for lifting and moving objects up to 100,000 tons.
  • Lting systems in the installation position of superheavy petrochemical equipment ENER SET
  • Ship-launch systems for shipbuilding enterprises with the function of launching ships and blocks of offshore drilling platforms up to 100,000 tons.
  • Lifting and transporting complexes for the rolling of super-heavy blocks of offshore drilling platforms onto transport and assembly vessels.
  • A fully functional engineering center in the Russian Federation performs services from project development, supply of equipment to commissioning, training, maintenance works, warranty and post-warranty service.

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