Modular equipment

The Goldhofer heavy-duty modular bogie is designed as a modular system for various combinations: connecting the modules longitudinally and laterally.

Like all Goldhofer products the frame and the loading platform feature exceptionally strong steel structure. The main longitudinal beam and cross beams ensure optimum load distribution, regardless of the shape of the load itself.

The frame is engineered to ensure the best lateral stability of the vehicle, even in cases of transporting goods with high load center.

Lashing system makes securing the load quick and simple.

When prime mover changes direction, the module control system is activated (as the angle between the tractor and the module changes): through the drawbar; hydraulic gooseneck; then through the steering rods and cylinders or steering is forced using operating panel of the autonomous power pack.

The hydraulic control system is operated by completely independent two-circuit systems. It guarantees operational safety, since each of the two-circuit systems fully controls the modules.

Brake system is pneumatic and integrated, two-circuit and all-wheel. Parking brake is spring. Parking brake valve ensures activating braking system when necessary.

Accessories for modular trailers

With a wide choice of options and additional equipment semi-trailers can be adapted for the safe transportation of various types of oversized, super long and heavy cargo.

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