Specialized transport equipment

The SEFIRO is a transport vehicle that meets the highest standards. The design of the self-propelled industrial roller (as seen on the cover) is as inconspicuous and compact as its potential applications are diverse.

The SEFIRO is designed for craneless pick-up, transport, and set-down of loads weighing from around 30 up to several 100 tons. And not only in factory buildings with nearly flat floors, but also outdoors. Even rough and unpaved terrain can be mastered effortlessly by the SEFIRO!

It has an extremely low profile and is extremely manoeuvrable. With its low loading height of just 630 mm and a lift up to 1,040 mm vehicle height, the SEFIRO is often the only solution for getting through factory doors and under pipe bridges. The “small” SEFIRO-LA, with a loading height of 530 mm, is suitable for loads of up to 60 tons.

All driving and steering movements are controlled by the portable remote control. Full 360° steering is available to the operator by means of various steering programmes such as normal, cross, diagonal, and carousel movement. This allows the vehicle to be precisely manoeuvred into any corner. The intuitive electronics make it easy to combine multiple vehicles. Even long loads can be easily transported, using only a single remote control.

The patented axle geometry and optimal wheel load distribution prevent undesired loading platform movements that might otherwise result from steering while stopped or changing steering programs. This is a significant safety feature! In addition, the tyres won’t leave rubber behind on the driving surface.

The market’s need for a flexible solution like the SEFIRO is demonstrated by its use by satisfied customers in such diverse fields as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and the energy industry. The SEFIRO is a reliable partner for the transportation of transformers, turbines, stators, and wind generators, but also for the installation and dismantling of energy systems as well as the handling of radioactive materials. It can also be combined with interchangeable pallets for integration into the logistics concept.

Depending on the intended application, the hydrostatically driven SEFIRO can be fitted with a diesel, electric, or hybrid power pack. The power pack can be either integrated in the vehicle chassis or coupled as a separate unit.




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